Finding help is easier than you think

Often times, resources come in a variety of forms. From life saving blankets and warm blankets, water bottles and food. Sometimes people forget that help can come from many places, if you know where to look.
Here are several resources that may be of use to many around the world. If you have good, reliable sources not listed please contact us

Everyone knows about Salvation Army
but here it is anyway.


National Health Care for Homeless Council
The Council is a membership organization that connects you with peers, specialists, and resources to eliminate homelessness through health care and housing.

Homeless Housing Grants
Information on government loans and programs to aid those who are trying to get off the streets.

Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America works to prevent and end homelessness through a range of support services including eviction prevention, emergency services, transitional housing and permanent affordable housing.

HUD Housing
HUD resources available in your area

Drug Rehab
A website dedicated to finding help for drug and addiction problems they may afflict those in bad times.

National Homeless References
The name says it all. A website compiled of more resources to aid those in need.

Youth Services

Child Abuse Resource Center
Child abuse and violence affect millions of children each year. Child abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect.
Interpersonal violence is violence between people and includes community violence, partner violence (also called "domestic violence"), and bullying.

Covenant House
For more than four decades, Covenant House has helped transform and save the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway and trafficked young people.
They offer housing and support services to young people in need, helping over 46,000 boys and girls every year.
The 2010 Opening Doors Strategic Plan to end homelessness developed by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness suggests that
there are six areas that are consistently identified as necessary to address and prevent youth homelessness.

Mental Health Services

American Psychological Association
The APA Presidential Task Force on Psychology's Contribution to End Homelessness, commissioned by James Bray,
PhD during his tenure as APA's president, developed a mission to identify and address the psychosocial factors and conditions associated
with homelessness and define the role of psychologists in ending homelessness..

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services

National Mental Health Association
"Ending Homelessness for People with Mental Illnesses and Co-Occurring Disorders."

Veteran Help

V.A. Home
No Veteran Should Be Without a Place to Call Home VA is committed to ending homelessness among Veterans.

National Coalition for Homeless Vets
A top priority for homeless veterans is secure, safe, clean housing that offers a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol.

National Coalition for Homeless Vets
U.S.VETS is a private non-profit organization providing housing, employment and counseling services to our nation's veterans,
the men and women from all branches of the armed forces who have served their country from World War II to the current conflict in Afghanistan.


Homeless in England
National membership charity for organisations working directly with people who become homeless in England. We work to make services better and campaign
for policy change that will help end homelessness.
Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services.

Passage UK
Concerned about somebody sleeping rough? Tell us about a rough sleeper on or call 0300 500 0914

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

R.A.I.S.E. (leeds)
RAISE (Resources, Advice, Information, Support and Employment) is based in the center of Leeds and provides an open-door facility for homeless people in Leeds.


Homelessness Australia
Homelessness Australia works in collaboration with homelessness assistance services, state and national homelessness peak organizations.

Mission Australia
Mission Australia believes every person in Australia should have access to safe and secure housing.

Homelessness Accommodation Support Service
Linking people exiting homelessness services with housing providers as well as employment, health and finance.

Salvation Army
With 150 years of serving the community behind us, we're able to draw on the values of our heritage, fix our vision on a better future and work towards transforming the lives of those in need.

Youth Central
Resources and programs to help youth in Australia

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