Give what you can.

How and where

There are several ways you can donate. You can drop of items at a local shelter, donate money to a non-profit org or hit the streets and hand out items at any time. Below we have provided information on a few charities that will help the less fortunate.

  • Salvation Army
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • NCHV (homeless vets)
  • You can also donate to our organization. We will use the money to buy supplies to be handed out on the streets.
    On July 29th, we passed out about four cases of ice cold water bottles, toothpaste, bug spray, food, deodorant and much more.
    With your help we can increase the amount of bags we can put together. We had over 30 bags previously. It would be great if we could double that number in December.

    Items donated and purchased for July's event.

    Items donated and purchased for July's event.

    Winter items from December 10th 2016

    Hot plates handed out on Christmas day 2016.

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    Stop reading fine print and go out and help!