Helping the homeless everywhere.

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The last time the United Nations attempted to count the homeless back in 2005, it was estimated to be the staggering amount of 100 million people worldwide. In the United States alone, about 11% of the adult population are veterans. When it comes to helping these kinds of situations, there are many ways to contribute...

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Are you or someone know disadvantaged or in need of assistance? We have done the searching for you and have put together a list of programs and websites that may help.

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July 29th members worldwide hit the streets to pass out supplies and help those in need. The next event is planned for December 10th. Anyone is welcome to help. Just go out and donate supplies.

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Our team has found several organizations that you may donate your goods or money to. We believe that is everyone gave more and showed more compassion towards humanity, the world would be a better place. Our site is non-profit. Any donations made to this site, 98% of all proceeds will go into buying supplies to give out the those who need it. (The 2% is for website hosting, bag, and related expenses.)

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National Coalition for Homeless (US)

The National Coalition for the Homeless is a broad network of individuals & organizations united by a commitment to ending homelessness.


Help 4 Homeless (UK)

To source and provide accommodation to Ex Service Personnel living rough or in unsuitable accommodation


Homelessness Australia

Homelessness Australia works in collaboration with homelessness assistance services, state and national homelessness peak organizations, other peak organizations and government agencies and the broader community.


End Homelessness

It's all about ending homelessness. Through policy, education, research, and capacity-building.